Brunchin’ at Corbeaux

Recently we’ve been really into going out to brunch over here! We so hip. Just kidding. Although on Sunday I was having dinner with friends and started talking about brunch places and realized I sounded more “I think I’m so cultured” than most pre-teens on Instagram. Whoops. I really don’t know anything about what makes one restaurant better than another, other than my personal experiences there, but let me tell you that Corbeaux Bakehouse on 17th Ave is SERIOUSLY taking the cake these days.

We headed over to Corbeaux¬†for the first time for brunch a couple weekends ago and it was all kinds of incredible. The decor (hello white brick walls paired with golden lighting), the food (that whipped ricotta tho), the dishes (robin egg blue everything, please)… everything had me smitten. The company wasn’t all that bad either;) I ordered the French toast and Tim had the eggs Benedict and both have us tempted to return again very soon.

The whole point of our day was actually to spend the afternoon at the Millarville Christmas Market. But after reading real-time posts on Facebook of the 45-minute long drive up line people were still waiting in (what is this madness?!) we decided to scratch that and instead head over to the less-exciting Okotoks Christmas Festival. One way or another I was going to a Christmas market that day. Unfortunately the Okotoks market was the definition of uneventful and I kind of wish we would’ve just strolled around 17th Ave for the remainder of the afternoon? You win some (Corbeaux), you lose some (the most boring Christmas market ever). Either way I’m pretty sure Corbeaux will slowly but surely become “our place”; I can’t wait to go back!


Our beloved Crepe Day

The smartest tradition my friends and I ever created is Crepe Day. We don’t really have any other traditions, so that’s not saying a whole lot, but Crepe Day is just one of the best times ever and something I don’t exactly know how I lived without. We all meet once a month at someone’s house, and each of us brings something different to add to the breakfast. Pretty basic. Last weekend’s Crepe Day was a really cozy time (and I actually managed to snag a photo, hence this blog post). Clearly, friends who crepe together, stay together… And these friends seem to fit that bill pretty perfectly. Here’s to many more Crepe Days to come!