Shake it like a Polaroid picture!

At our wedding we decided to include a sort-of photo booth and encouraged our guests to get their picture taken via Polaroid camera, and write on it in place of having a guest book! My cousin did this at her wedding and we totally copied the idea, and it turned out even better than we could’ve expected. I cherish these so much and have resisted the urge to store each one in an air-tight bag (or in a secret safe that we keep behind a painting?) since the wedding. Plus, just looking through any wedding-related photos always gets me a little misty eyed!

For the backdrop we just bought a piece of sparkly fabric and sewed it (thanks, mom) to fit over a skinny rod. We then hung the rod/fabric up by stringing rope through the rod and tying it to some of the scaffolding of the tent we were in. And, voila! A perfect little Polaroid booth. Huge shout out to our friends Colton and Angel for being incredible, and being on photo taking duty all night long. We were so happy they agreed to the job.

Anyhow, here is a curation of our favourites. Enjoy!

^ This will forever be a favourite because at my cousin’s wedding we all took this same photo. This was round two at it! ^

^ This is Lindsay, our wedding’s month-of coordinator, of Lindsay Sue Organization & Events. She was a LIFE SAVER during the end of the wedding planning process and we probably wouldn’t have been married if it weren’t for her. You can read her thoughts on being our coordinator here. ^

^ First dance. Heart eyes everywhere. ^



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