The hike that almost was

On Halloween Tim and I decided to skip normalcy and instead went on a hike! We drove to Lake Louise to do the hike to Lake Agnes. The teahouse there looks idyllic (based off Pinterest) but it closes right after Canadian Thanksgiving, so we weren’t expecting any tea, just a good view at the end. Before we left I checked ALL the weather websites and apps to make sure it was safe to do the hike, and everywhere told me there was only going be one millimetre of a rain/snow mix, at about -1 degree Celsius at Lake Louise. We pulled out the ol’ Underarmour cold gear and off we went.

HOWEVER, when we got there, there was clearly a tad more than just one millimetre of snow. No rain in sight, just straight up snow. I really love snow (minus driving in it) and was kind of excited at the thought of a wintery hike, but this was way more than we had anticipated! We were all bundled up and warm, but the thought of spending the next three hours hiking up and down a mountain was not really the most appealing. I may have even intentionally postponed us starting the hike to take some photos… (Classic.) It really was extraordinary to see — you couldn’t even see the end of Lake Louise — just not hiking-appropriate weather (considering we aren’t really the most experienced hikers out there and weren’t fully prepared.)

HOWEVER (part two!) the snow didn’t fully stop us. We began hiking with good intentions but after one slip on my end, the trees not shielding us from the blowing snow as anticipated and knowing that there wasn’t even a teahouse to look forward to, we decided to turn around about 40 minutes of uphill hiking. Winning. Not. There were so many people who passed us coming down the trail and I was like how?! HOW are you smiling and not covered in snowy slip marks?

^ The really good thing about hiking in the winter is when you almost run out of water in your water bottles you can just eat the snow… ^

^ Hi Gandalf. ^

We ended up getting some hot chocolate and watching dumb videos on Facebook… Really took in the sights (nat). But then I did take more photos and was yet again enthralled by how close Lake Louise is to home. I could basically live there and be 100 per cent totally okay with it. Maybe we’ll have to just really live the dream and open our own remotely located teahouse one day;) And keep it open after Canadian Thanksgiving!


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