A field trip to River Café

How often is it that, in university, you get to go on a field trip?! When I was searching for potential courses to enrol in, I jumped at the chance to be in one that was taught by one of my favourite profs and included a field trip. Little did I know that this class outing would be to one of Calgary’s most-awarded restaurants, River Café on Prince’s Island Park.

This place is like a dream. I’m all about the ambiance when it comes to my dining experiences (as I’ve discovered through this food studies communications course) so River Cafe fit this bill perfectly. Because this restaurant’s on the Island, you can’t even drive to it — you have to walk. Which is seriously lovely. It forces you to have an experience and that really made an impact on me. Apart from all that, the food was to die for. Like, the most decadent.

Yup, that was our menu. I still think about everything I ate, weeks later. Especially when preparing my usual KD at least once a week at home. The restaurant’s all about organic, local, high-quality eating, so their menu changes up about eight times a year. That being said, I feel the burning need to come back here for every meal, in every season. (Once I win the lottery, of course.)

I’m grateful for my education on a day-to-day basis and this experience shot that gratitude through the roof. Dining at River Café was probably in the top five of my favourite university moments so far. It was a unique, filling afternoon, and one that I’m aware I won’t have an experience similar to for very long time!


6 thoughts on “A field trip to River Café

  1. Hi Leanne. Just stumbled on this blog and glad I did. So interesting to see that there is a course on Food Communications. I am so intrigued! and I agree…can’t beat such a terrific field trip.

    • I’m so glad you’re following along! I am so lucky to be taking the course and it was really interesting to experience a place like River Cafe, where so much of what we learned could be applied and observed as we dined. Unfortunately it’s the only food communications course my school offers, but I hope to dig deeper into the field in the future. You should as well:)


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