What I’m reading: “Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling

This post comes to you from me, someone who likens to Belle in the sense of being a girl with her nose stuck in a book. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon when it comes to reading for pleasure. Though I’ve felt less than inclined to do all my readings for school this semester, it doesn’t mean I’ve replaced non-academic reading time with personal reading time. (I fill this time with Pinterest, if you were wondering.) But with the weather cooling down and me needing more excuses to not drive places (because who actually likes driving on the icy roads?! I have never met someone who enjoys this?), I decided to try and make an active effort to reduce Pinterest time and increase reading-for-pleasure time.

So, I recently picked up Mindy Kaling’s latest book “Why Not Me?“. I never read “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” but figured it’s better late than never to jump onto the Mindy train. Maybe it’s the change of seasons, but lately I feel like there’s a constant stream of worries on my mind, even though there’s nothing to really be concerned about in my life; I’m happy. I get into slumps of negative thoughts about myself — things I should try to become, things I coulda/shoulda/woulda said, etc. And seriously, who has time for that? That kind of self-talk is so draining, untrue and unnecessary, and I know that. Who knows what it is that’s playing with me to get me into these messes. But another big part of picking up a non-academic book again was to have a place to actively get my mind off things and to gain some perspective. I was looking at my bookshelf the other day and realized I really love female-written, essay-type reads, so Mindy’s was a natural selection to try and find comfort in.

I’m not far into it yet, but so far my favourite line is, “The truth is, it’s hard to get people to like you, but it’s even harder to keep people liking you. You’d have to bring Skittles in every day. The result of my not caring so much about what I say allows me to care more about how I say it.” Ugh. So good. I can tell Mindy and me are gonna get along real well.

Have any of you read either of Mindy Kaling’s books? What about going through bouts of anxiety? I’d love to hear more about how you get back to your regular self. Or just any good books you’ve read recently. Thanks for following along:)


11 thoughts on “What I’m reading: “Why Not Me?” by Mindy Kaling

  1. I just LOVED this book. I also loved her first one as well, so I highly recommend it. I think everybody goes through those bouts of anxiety and self-doubt, especially around this age. One thing I try to do is focus on the things that are going right. Fun, positive, “real-women” books definitely help make you feel like you are not alone, because you’re not!

    xo Annie

    • Thanks so much for your words, Annie. I think the less alone we can feel in things, the more we can understand them and get through them. I hope this book sheds light on it all for me too! Thanks again:)


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