Ah, fall. The season of change. Leaves transitioning into their richest colours, the air retreating from the heat, and sweaters and scarves being unpacked and ready to shine in all their cozy glory. Oh, and pumpkin spice everything (how could I forget). It is incredibly appropriate that some of the biggest life changes yet have taken place right at the easy beginning of fall for Tim and I, too. Returning “home” from our honeymoon meant spending our first night back in the new townhouse we’re renting — piles of stuff everywhere, no seating in sight, suitcase- and cardboard box-encased clothes, and, last but not least, sleeping on an air mattress for a whole week. We didn’t have a lot to come back to, apart from the groceries and little gifts my mom picked up for us while we were gone (bless her), so each day following our return and before school started was filled with buying everything we needed to settle in. Which was a lot.

If memory serves me correctly, we spent two full days in IKEA (maybe three? Four? It’s all a blur) perusing their isles and snagging any unowned items off our wish list to take back to our not-yet-a-home house. I knew we’d need a lot, but I didn’t expect to buy their entire store, like we basically did.

^ Ah, the great shower curtain debate. His choice (the one on the right) was ultimately the winner. ^

^ See? The entirety of IKEA, like I said. And this is just day one. ^

We really didn’t have much of anything when moving in together/getting married. That’s what made it all so fun, though — Tim and I got to experience the headaches/enjoyment of budgeting and assembling and envisioning it all together, for the first time. Before even getting engaged we always had so much fun daydreaming about when we’d go and buy our stuff for the first time. Things we could put in our home to call our own. And now it’s all happening and it was actually pretty surreal, seeing how far we’ve come and everything gushy like that.

This was the scene for about an entire week. When we weren’t out buying more home stuff or getting groceries, we were assembling IKEA furniture! (And watching Disney movies, obviously.) Let me tell you, waking up at 1 a.m. after dozing off to a round-two showing of Frozen while seated in an office chair is so not the situation one imagines when thinking of being married. BUT, I just had to let it go (wink wink) and realize that the back pain would all be worth it when we moved in our amazing steal-of-a-deal couch in a couple days.

^ He is such a handy man. I complained so much and barely did anything. We are opposites. ^

^ Our situation. ^

Praise the Lord for helpful friends. And for muscles. These guys came out in the rain to help Tim move our couch in (cause who am I kidding, I did nothing here) and SERIOUS am I so glad they did. I think I shed a single tear, seeing that couch in our place. We finally had a place to sit and I had a makeshift bed for the next couple days. Buh-bye, air mattress. But really, this couch may be my most favourite thing I’ve ever owned. It is like a cloud and a hug and all good things all at once all the time. I live on it. (But it is a massive chunk to maneuver, so bravo, muscly friends. Bravo.)

^ Excuse me while I happy-cry myself to sleep. We were watching Up and assembling all the things for the unbeknownst evening and we were doing all the same things Carl and Ellie do in the opening scenes of the movie. That part makes me cry on it’s own, let alone at a time like this. It was totally pure Disney (Ripley?) magic. ^

^ As my birthday gift a few months ago, my parents treated us to tickets to see the Lion King! It was such a nice break from the moving in process. It was my third time seeing it (#keener) and Tim’s first, which made it so so fun. Gettin’ cultured over here. ^

And finally, the moving in took a bow and exited the stage with a standing ovation. With that, we were able to do fun things — like baking all the apple crisp and watching The Family Stone — before school started. Somehow we got moved in. It happened, and that’s all I care about.

^ This child turned two! She’s sugar and spice and everything nice. Emphasis on the spice. ^

We also went out to Alberta Theatre Projects‘ showing of Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike one night at the Martha Cohen Theatre. Having spent most of my childhood and teenage years dancing in either the Jack Singer Concert Hall or Max Bell Theatre, I had somehow never ventured in the Martha Cohen but WOW am I so glad I did. We both felt like we’d been transported out of Calgary and into Paris (like I’d know what Paris is like though?) — it was so intimate and cozy! We saw the play because one of my courses this semester requires you to see four shows as part of your grade (no complaints here). It was a fun night doing something we probably wouldn’t have spent the money on otherwise and we’re tempted to go to more shows in 2016! And THAT has been the start of our fall season. We’re finally settled into more or less of a groove, with a real home to come back to each day. It’s not easy, I’ll be the first to say that. But blessings galore, I tell you. I am so so thankful for this season, both of life and of fall.


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