Just a couple of honeymooners

We got the luxury of heading off into paradise for our honeymoon a couple days after our wedding, and to say it was much-needed is a huge understatement. We flew into Cancun and rested our heads at the Grand Riviera Princess along the Mayan Riviera, and were instantly hooked on the place when, at check-in, we were offered a free upgrade to one of their platinum suites and given free champagne. Uh, yes please. Yes. We’ll take it all.

The second day of our vacation Tim had a little slip on the pavement and gashed open one of his big toes. Of course when seeing all the blood was the moment we both realized we’d forgotten to buy any kind of insurance! Yay. Thankfully, the resort was more than eager to help us and, despite their non-FDA-approved-looking ointments and mousses to clean his toe, we welcomed the aid that came around every day to clean and wrap up the toe again. Talk about being pampered! Ha… On top of that I was on antibiotics for a slight lung infection so we were a super fun group to be around. At least we had each other.

^ The view from the balcony of our room, and from the front door. Like I said, paradise! ^

I found it tough to take pictures on this trip. Maybe it’s because all I did was sleep (more than I was awake) and eat (my body weight in all-inclusive food) every day.

The resort was pretty big so there were shuttles that took you from one end to the other. Sometimes those shuttles didn’t come too often though, so we’d walk to breakfast in the mornings. It was nearly unbearable cause of the heat, but the scenery made it hard to not fall head over heels with the stroll.

Despite the attempted selling and up-selling of many people working at our resort, Tim and I only did one real day trip. One afternoon we did go to Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue for a couple hours, but it wasn’t anything noteworthy. The excursion we actually invested in was heading over to Tulum to see its Mayan ruins. Now, let me tell you. We didn’t do any add-ons — no ATVing, no scuba diving, no jumping into cenotes, no nothin’ — just a little guided tour around some ruins. BUT, we chose to book this on the one day when it was over 40 degrees C, AND on a day after I had just baked for way too long in the sun and had to cover up. Off to Tulum we went, and sweated our way through the day.

It was pretty cool to see the ruins but after the 10 minute-long walk from the bus’ drop-off zone to the ruin site, we were already dying. An hour and 45 minutes later and we couldn’t even talk! In hindsight it’s pretty funny, but these pictures are the most we smiled the whole time. It was just too hot.

Beautiful, but sweltering. We couldn’t even go into the ocean due to the excessive seaweed issue that’s crowding the Mayan Riviera’s coastline right now. (Funny, because I actually wrote a travel advisory for this when working at WestJet this summer. Oh, how the turntables.) We admired the ocean from the beach, got sand in Tim’s cut-open toe, took in the scents of the seaweed (sargassum, if we’re getting technical) and slowly headed back to the bus zone. It really was a beautiful time, I’m just exaggerating. But not really.

THEN — as we are melting into the earth itself — we stumble across a Quiznos. In hopes of there being air-conditioning, we ran inside. Nothing. Outside we go and, to my SHEER amazement, notice a Starbucks. I literally thought I was experiencing my first mirage — I can’t stress this enough. I guess even the Mayans needed their caffeine;) We ran into that Starbucks and, bless the sweet Lord, felt the most intense air-conditioning I’ve ever felt before. Naturally we ordered venti cold drinks of something or other and snapped a picture, just to make sure it was really happening in real life. Yes, we unknowingly made everyone on our bus wait for us but this was also a highlight of the trip, so YES it was totally worth it. When is Starbucks not?

The rest of our days continued on with the eating and sleeping and taking in the heat, and that, my friends, is how the perfect honeymoon takes place. Not too many plans, a whole lot of sun and a whole lot of laziness. Oh, and husband being there. Husband is the greatest.


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