When there was one day left

The week leading up to our wedding was a different kind of stressful than I’d anticipated. I wasn’t pulling my hair out or not sleeping but I did find myself wondering if everything would actually get done, and legitimately getting anxious over whether people would have a good time or not. I felt hyper-aware that it all rested on the remaining work to do (I now see I could’ve chilled out a little). There was a ton on both mine and Tim’s plates — I was sending emails back and forth and crafting my behind off… It was a lot! For a couple days there I locked myself in my room and downloaded all the Disney songs and painted all the things and did all the crafts. In hindsight I’m so proud of it all — the day was perfectly, beautifully us. But the week before it was hard to realize that kind of thing.

The day before our wedding it was 3 degrees C out, filled with snow and pouring rain. Super fun times when your ceremony’s supposed to be outside! (The day-of was gorgeously sunny… you’ll see more soon.) Nonetheless, us and our crew set up our reception space all day and afternoon, walked through our ceremony, then headed over to my house for a big dinner. My parents knocked it out of the park with this; I had nothing to do with it (how many times will I say that on this blog?). They cooked a bunch of incredible things, and everyone who came — in-town family, out-of-town family, friends, pastor — had a happy happy time. It made me so excited for the next day, despite all the little things still to do, and really forced Tim and I to sit down and actually talk with people! Ha. Here are some photos from that crazy, beautiful, went-by-so-fast day!

^ Snapchat documentation brought to you by the lovely Sam and Hannah. ^

Having people all in one room together was the greatest! There was a huge amount of stuff to do after people left, including a little gift exchange between Tim and I that was all too special to even talk about here, but the day was productive and full of people who love us and not many could complain about that.


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