The perfect bachelorette party

Two weeks before mine and Tim’s wedding our friends took us each on a weekend escape — bachelor/ette style. The guys kidnapped Tim and trekked out to the Shuswap for a weekend of house boating and general craziness, and my girlfriends and I drove out to the Rockies for the night. I had no hand in any of the planning and just had to show up (life is so hard…), but here’s my takeaways on how to have the best bachelorette weekend ever:

1) Get as many of your closest friends together as possible
2) Spend two days and one night in your favourite close-to-home place (don’t forget to listen only to 90s hits on the drive out)
3) Go on a hike, picnic included
4) Get cozy in a hotel with mountain views
5) Spend the night having dinner, exploring and covering yourselves in fake pirate tattoos
6) Dance your butt off
7) Make waffles for breakfast (duh!)

That being said, photo evidence of our weekend is below!

^ We hiked Grassi Lakes and my bridesmaids brought along a little picnic for us to enjoy at the top. Everyone who walked by was pretty jealous. ^

^ With our waiter Rob! ^

^ Bridesmaids, anyone? ^

^ The extent of “crazy” photos I’m willing to put on the Internet. ^

We laughed, we partied, we bonded, and these chicks surpassed all my expectations. They went all out in their planning and it was the funnest time!


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