Sicamous 2015

Another summer, another bit of time spent in Sicamous. This year’s visit was shorter than previous summers, but none the sweeter. It was super hot and filled with time spent on the beach, reading and eating ice cream — yes please. Tim’s sister Alysha and her boyfriend Dan even came out the whole time Tim and I were there too, which was a welcomed change! My family stayed out there for a lot longer than any of us so it was great to drop in on them for the couple days that we could. Photos from the trip, below.

^ On July 31, Tim and I spent our night just as we did one year prior when we got engaged — out on the dock looking up at the sky. ^

^ The annual Moose Mouse parade. Gets smaller every year. ^

^ My mom drove us all out to the sand bar just at the start of the Shuswap one afternoon where we played pass and hung out. Very fun but very hot! ^

^ Ladder golf nights with my family out on the lake are the best. We all teamed up in groups of two and had a mini tournament one night, cheesy team names included. ^

^ Photos representing why I love it here so so very much. #sunsets ^

^ One afternoon we all went to Margaret Falls, except my mom and I stayed behind on the beach to read and swim while Tim, Dan and Alysha went to see the waterfall. As long as I have a book, I’m happy. ^

I can never report anything back except happy, serene times from Sicamous. It was another successful year out on the lake!



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