A day in which I was the centre of attention

Back in June my lovely bridesmaids and my mom put together and pulled off the classiest, sweetest and most thoughtful day ever for my bridal shower. My maid of honour Hannah sent out invitations prior to the day, brainstormed a billion little detailed things to make the day worthy of Pinterest fame and offered up her house for the party’s setting. Sam and Alysha, my other two bridesmaids, and my mom helped her set up the decor, food and everything in between to make for a day that made me feel more special than I knew I could. You only get one bridal shower and nothing could’ve been more on point than it was at this party. Here’s a re-cap and some pictures of our time, if you’d like to take a look.

These women thought of everything — there was a congrats banner, desserts galore, watermelon!! (my favourite), a question and answer game that wasn’t too cheesy or over the top, mad libs, a date idea jar, a slideshow of photos of Tim and me, and on top of it all, everything was based off the decor and colours and feel of how our wedding would be. I had no input whatsoever and it was all a surprise, and it was really the most thoughtful and caring time I’ve ever had (up until that point — our wedding day topped all the days ever!). I felt like a princess thanks to all the time and effort that went into this day. I’m pretty sure people could have just not shown up and I could have sat on that bridal-themed chair with the little veil on it all alone and still have had the best time, just by looking around at everyone’s hard work! They really know how to make someone feel taken care of. Hashtag blessed.

If I’m being totally honest, I had extreme anxiety heading into my bridal shower. In retrospect it was all pretty irrational — I was over-the-top nervous about whether there’d be an even mix of family and friends, if people would feel like they were wasting their time celebrating me (pity party alert!) and above all, I was stressing about having all the attention on me. It caused me a lot of stress and I missed out on time to get excited for the day but I just don’t do well with the spotlight on me. Now, what I forgot to realize was that this would be a get-together only with people who really know me and love me, and how special is that? How many people get to do that?! There were tons of conflicting emotions going on in my heart but once I got to Hannah’s they all fell away. The hugs, warm words and laughs shared at that party made me forget about any nerves I had in the couple days leading up to the shower. I have amazing women in my life and they showed me the most love.

There was even a little photo booth set up! Photos are below.

^ Exaggerated photo evidence showing how I feel about being the centre of attention. ^

This day really was a turning point in terms of me realizing that I was getting married. Ha. It took a long time for things to sink in (the whole “forever” thing of marriage is hard to realize, people) but each baby step in this process was honest to goodness done with love and nothing short of it, making it easier to allow the wedding feeling to sink in. This bridal shower and many other smaller things along the road to mine and Tim’s wedding made me feel so loved, and helped encourage me over and over again that this was what we were supposed to be doing.



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