A second summer spent at WestJet

They say that birds of a feather flock together. During my last two summers, I’ve found this to be true all around. At WestJet I worked from May to August of 2014 and 2015 on the company’s Communications team — a real dream come true. My first summer was filled with learning experiences and getting a second go at it this year allowed me to really sink my teeth into the role. It was much more “real world” than any other position I’d ever held; something I’m grateful for day in and out. Above all that, to be mixed in with such like-minded people as myself really was the icing on the cake. I am so fortunate to have been around that team for eight months.

^ It was super cool to go behind the scenes with one of the company’s photographers. We mainly worked together on stuff for WestJet Magazine — my favourite part of my workload. ^

^ Some of the team volunteering at Stampede. ^

The team I worked on became my friends early on. I actually looked forward to going to work each day, all because I knew I’d get to be around some of the most brilliant, hilarious, down-to-earth people you can find. That, mixed with being at a company I am genuinely passionate about, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

^ I loved having my mom in the same building as me all summer. For the start of service to Glasgow she even painted her nails with WestJet’s tartan. She drinks the teal Kool-Aid for breakfast, that one. ^

^ The view from my desk (#humblebrag). Also, only at WestJet can you be part of a magic show at lunchtime. ^

This summer was an exciting one for WestJet, with the start of flights to Glasgow, Scotland, and the announcement of service to London beginning in 2016. On top of that, I was fortunate to be involved in working on the recently redesigned WestJet Magazine. To be in the heat of it all, as well as delving into the day-to-day parts of my portfolio, was nothing short of exciting.

^ One of the last days at WestJet called for a cheesy photo with my good friend, Georgia. She was a student working on the Marketing team for the summer and trekked all the way from Vancouver to do so. She is painstakingly funny and comforting and the most people-person-y of people I know. I will miss her dearly! ^

^ When your team takes you to high tea for a surprise pre-wedding celebration. They just get me. ^

Having been around WestJet all my life (my mom has worked there since forever) I was able to know the root of what their success all about — their people. It’s a culture of forward thinking, creativity and total value for each WestJetter. To say it had been a goal of mine to work at WestJet since beginning my degree is an understatement and, now that I’ve completed the co-op program and am in my last year of school with two summers there to reflect on, I can’t even believe I was afforded the opportunities I was, surrounded by the people that I was. On to the next chapter to find more of my birds, I suppose!


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