Back to it!

As I write this, I’m watching season two of Friends, cuddled under a blanket and wishing there wasn’t any homework looming over my to-do list. Over on my end so much has changed big picture-wise that, sometimes, it’s nearly incomprehensible to allow it to all sink in. In other moments though, I realize I’m still me (a Friends and blanket lover), just in a new space of life.

It’s been nearly three months since I last posted on this blog. This makes me sad because I love writing and taking photos and sharing it all. That being said, the past three months have been pretty life-altering. And busy. Really really busy. I wrapped up my internship at WestJet, moved into a townhouse across the city and (!!!) got married to my best friend, Tim. It was a beautiful summer — the most memorable and significant of my life so far — and I look forward to posting my patootie off in the coming weeks and months, recapping it all and documenting new things that come along too.

So please bear with me as I catch up on post writing and memory remembering. I hope you tag along and can enjoy reading it all! As usual, thanks so very much for stopping by.



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