Alone in the Rockies

I’ve always found there to be a huge difference between being lonely and being alone. When I’m lonely I’m in need of the comfort of others but, when I’m alone, I’m content. I’ve always needed my own space, some days more than others. One of these days came a couple months back when I was really feeling the pressure of all things wedding. It had been a busy and full weekend with hardly anytime to even sit down. Something I’ve tried to do through all this planning is remain excited and, truth be told, you can’t get excited if you’re stressed. So off to the mountains I went — no one to talk to, no schedule to adhere to, nothing pressing on my mind (that was a conscious thing). Just me, my iPhone and the Rocky Mountains.

First on my little adventure was Lake Louise. I seriously thought the lake would be thawed out… I was wrong. I went in April so it’s a valid assumption but, as you can see, tons of snow! I quickly found out that unless you’re buying all the warm drinks and exploring the hotel and ice skating, then there’s not too much to do on a chilly day in frozen-over Lake Louise. I admired the sites, ate my lunch, then left.

Off to Banff I drove. I considered going more West into B.C. but that seemed just a bit too far if I wanted to be home before dark. I never ever take for granted how close all this is to me. With all these life changes happening lately I hope I can always come home knowing the mountains aren’t too far away. I know this won’t be the case (who knows where life will take Tim and I…) but the feeling of comfort I get when seeing the Rockies is something I’m grateful for because I know I’m one of the rare few who’ll ever have this. Ah, the sentiment. It’s all genuine, I promise:)

The one item on my agenda I had actually planned out was to get in some quality reading and latte-sipping time. Task accomplished. I brought along All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and instantly fell. in. love. I mean, this book! If you haven’t read it, get off this blog and go buy it and start. It was the perfect thing to get my mind off the wedding for the day and made me start having more intentional “me” time after my day of escape.

Last but not least I visited the tourist magnet that is Bow Falls. I’ve been here too many times to count so I almost skipped it but, instead of just standing there looking at the falls like I usually do I decided to climb up the staircase that runs along the waterfall. What a difference it made! That view is beautiful and I got a mini leg exercise in too (it was a lot of stairs). In Banff you don’t need to buy all the over-priced tourist gifts, you just need to soak in the moments. And soak I did! I stayed there way too long at the top of that staircase, just staring out over the falls. But hey, not a bad way to lose track of time.

What I wanted most out of this day was to just be. To not look at my clock, answer texts or stress over the random, unexpected things weddings bring up. It was a refresh for my outlook on what makes me happy and that’s something I really needed going into the summer. Being alone (but not lonely) is seriously underrated!


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