Lately life has been pretty hectic. Between piles of homework, wedding prep things and getting stuff ready for a trip I’m going on in a couple days, I feel like I’ve barely had time to sit down.

On Sunday I visited Chapters for a quick, mindless stroll, and spotted a Cinderella storybook. This book is filled with original concept art by Mary Blair for Disney’s animated movie of the story, and for anyone who knows me at all (major art, Disney and Mary Blair lover), there was just no way I could pass this up. The art is beyond beautiful — I’m seriously considering cutting out the pages and hanging them on my wall — and Cynthia Rylant has retold the story into something that’s eloquent and dreamy (you can purchase the book here).

Here are some of my favourite pages in the book. Take a look if you’d like!

^ My very favourite. ^

This was a reminder to stop and smell the roses (metaphorically or literally), no matter how bonkers things might be. I encourage you to do the same whenever possible.



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