A big, comfy couch!

You heard it here first, folks — Tim and I bought a couch last weekend! We decided to go to Crate & Barrel on Valentine’s Day and admire the couch we’d recently been daydreaming of. After not being able to find it (and having a mini freak out), we made our way to the sale items and BOOM, there it was, plopped off the floor and into the sale section.

^ The Ellyson. Isn’t she a beaut? ^

We sat on the couch and it was just as good as I’d remembered. This isn’t your average couch. This is a couch that was double what we’d budgeted for, a couch that when you sit on it, only your ankles make it to the edge ’cause it’s so deep. A couch I could rename as Bed. It’s that good, okay?! And there it was, on sale. AT 50 PERCENT OFF. After much convincing that I wasn’t hallucinating, Tim and I realized this deal was something we’d be idiots to not jump at and, right then and there, we bought it! On Valentine’s Day. D’aww.

The rest of the day ensued of us talking about how we couldn’t believe we just bought our dream couch. It all just worked out so perfectly! It’s our first grown up purchase (minus wedding things), so I think that’s why we’re so excited. Everything’s just coming together, even better than planned. And that whole 50 percent off thing didn’t hurt either. So the day after buying it we recruited our good friend Graeme to help move it from Crate & Barrel and into my basement, where it will rest for the next six months. Now all that’s left to do is find an apartment to put it in;)

We love you, couch!


3 thoughts on “A big, comfy couch!

    • Hey Lucia! I’m glad it looks as comfortable in photos as it is in real life:) We wanted a couch that would be a long-term investment… Something we’d have for as long as possible, so the neutral colour definitely helped with that.

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