What we did for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is probably the holiday I understand the least. Why do we honour this Valentine dude? I mainly use it as an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate. Which is really what I use every holiday to do. That being said, Tim and I use this little “holiday” to splurge where we usually wouldn’t while enjoying our time together. I think Valentine’s is also a day to remember all the love you have in your life — be it for your friends, family or yourself. This Valentine’s Day, Tim and I decided to treat ourselves to a fancy shmancy brunch at Monki to kick off our day (after waiting for a table to become free after an hour. Thank goodness we kinda sorta enjoy each other’s company). He also surprised me with a BEAUTIFUL rose (that’s still alive and flourishing a week later, I might add) and a box of some of my favourite chocolates. I sure love him.

Monki was too good. Why had we never eaten there til now? It felt like we should’ve been right in the middle of New York City… Amazing food in a tiny, trendy space. Love. Tim had the spanish chorizo eggs benedict and I ordered the cream cheese-stuffed French toast. It was topped with Nutella and condensed milk. Uh, ya. It happened. Plus a shared side of bacon to finish it off. Done.

^ Thanks, Ma! ^

Next, we did a little exploring (I’ll talk about that more in another post!) and just hung out until dinner time. Yep — our entire day focused around food. Typical.

For dinner it was Chick-fil-A! The only one in Canada, at the Calgary airport. The trick to this was an adventure — to not pay for parking you have to be in and out in under 30 minutes. Challenge accepted. We parked, ran into/through the airport, ordered our meal, ATE, grabbed the remaining fries and booked it to our van. We did it all with full tummies and five minutes to spare, and I’m thinking this needs to happen again real soon. After that, Tim and I strolled around IKEA for the rest of the night, daydreaming about when we get to move in together and be married and all that good stuff.

This Valentine’s was such an us kind of day. We’re really trying to not spend much money on stuff these days, so splurging a bit at Monki and having the rest of the day just be about spending time together was the agenda, and I loved it. This guy just makes me smile more than I ever knew I could and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. The rest of our lives have already started, though, and that makes me feel pretty lucky. I saw this on Pinterest once, “Be with someone who makes you feel the same way you do when you see your food coming at a restaurant.” After over four years of being together that’s still how I feel about Tim, and I anticipate the next however many years bringing on the same butterfly feeling, too.



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