A visit to the tree lot

It’s that time of year, people! CHRISTMASTIME! Every year since I can remember my family and I have piled into my dad’s truck and gone to the tree lot to pick out a Christmas tree. Boney M. and Charlie Brown are played on the way there, and candy canes are eaten on the way home (while eyeing the tree to make sure it doesn’t fall off the truck).

We’re basically the Griswold’s — it’s a big deal to get bragging rights for whoever picks out the best tree. Our family room has a really tall ceiling so the bigger the tree, the better. This year it was a group decision but every other time it’s been pretty competitive. (I like to think I usually win.) Christmas is serious business in this household.

It’s my last Christmas at home (which probably won’t sink in until next Christmas) and this is one of the many things I want to carry on to mine and Tim’s Christmases. It’s one of my life goals to never have a fake Christmas tree and so far I think I’m doing pretty good, thanks to this cozy little tradition.

Aaaand here’s my Ma n Pa. Happy Christmas prepping, everyone!



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