Happy four years

October 4 was mine and Tim’s four-year anniversary! Oh, how time flies. But at the same time it’s feels like a lot of time has passed, too. I can’t believe all that dating lead to us being engaged! I am blessed  — not much more to it than that.

To “celebrate”, we headed out on the last weekend of September to Moraine Lake, near Lake Louise. Neither of us had ever been (and, hello — we need to save money for that little party called a wedding coming up soon) so it was a good way to celebrate without making too big a deal out of anything. All you really need is good company, not flashy, expensive things!

I wasn’t feeling too much like my usual self that day, so getting out of the city was really what I needed. We did lots of driving (by us and by a school bus shuttle that took us to the lake) and that helped me to put some things in perspective. I really love this guy a lot and sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember that our future together is real life, and it’s not going to slip through my fingers like a dream.

Can you imagine what it’d be like to rest your head at Moraine Lake Lodge?! Need to save up for that once we’re done saving up for all the other things we’re saving up for. We also wanted to climb the rock pile and go on the hike that begins at the lake and go canoeing, but we weren’t prepared for any of those adventures. Just another reason to visit again someday soon.

It was a take-it-easy kind of day, which are the best kinds of days.


9 thoughts on “Happy four years

    • Hi Hailey! Thank you so much for that:) Living near the Rockies definitely has its perks. You should definitely go visit the mountains again! Or even come up to Canada and stay in Banff. I promise it would be worth it!

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