An afternoon at Margaret Falls

One day in Sicamous, my mom, Tim and I took a boat ride out on the Shuswap over to Margaret Falls. The only other time I remember venturing out there was years and years ago when, on the walk to the waterfall, my brother tripped and fell. He got scraped up pretty badly, so from then on we called it Graham Falls. Ha. Poor guy.

Once we parked our boat on the beach and I ate my weight in watermelon slices for lunch, the three of us headed out on the little path to the falls. The path carries you along a river all the way to the waterfall and all I could think the whole time was why hadn’t we done this sooner? I felt like I was in The Shire.

Tim, being the adventurer that he is, even tried to get behind the waterfall. Way to make a girl paranoid! Thankfully he stopped before we had to rename it Tim Falls. (I later found out that my mom actually has gone behind that waterfall. Say what?! Might have to post that photo sometime soon.)

Margaret Falls was the coolest day trip to add into our vacation. I’m pretty sure I could spend everyday out on the boat, eating watermelon and exploring waterfalls. Here’s to the places in this world that make you feel like you’re lost in a fairy tale.


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