My happy place

I think that when I feel my best, it usually has to do with where I am. If a place puts me at ease, allows me to enjoy the moment, encourages me to just be myself… I know I’m in a good spot. Few places do this as well as Sicamous, BC. The favourite place of my lifetime, Sicamous has always been a sanctuary of sorts for my family and me.

There’s never been a year where I haven’t soaked up the beauty that is Mara Lake and I hope that there are few and far between in the future where I can’t be there. I often daydream about this place and what my future looks like with Sicamous. I feel relational towards it — we have a bond. Sicamous has given me my best memories, created a more fine-tuned appreciation in my heart for the simple things life has to offer, and keeps me wondering how to make the rest of my life more how it is on the lake.

Sicamous is a part of me and, in some self-centred yet completely real way, I feel I’m a part of it, too. My days spent out there are filled with nothing, but all that nothing will always mean so much more to me than most something-filled, non-summer days.



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