West coast, best coast

Long time no talk! (To the two people out there who read this blog.) It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this little space. Something I’m not too happy with but it’s only because I’ve been a busy bee. Summer came and went, and it was incredible. Possibly one of the best of my life! I was so happy to be busy the past few months but now it’s time to hunker down and document the beautiful things that complimented my days over summertime. Expect several posts in the next couple weeks — all looking back on the awesomeness that was my past four months.

Back in June, Tim and I ventured out to Victoria, BC over Canada Day long weekend. We went last year and literally fell in love with the place — how could you not?! I mean, if you don’t have one of the best times of your life while in Victoria, I seriously question your judgment. When faced with the decision of where to take a mini-vacation, we had plenty of options (thanks, WestJet) but couldn’t look past the west coast. So! To Victoria we went. We skipped out on all the typical tourist spots because we did those all last summer, and instead just puttsed around and soaked in the sights. Here’s all the photos from the trip. Take a look if you’d like!

^ Stud. I’m a lucky lady. ^

^ All around Victoria there were incredible little bands playing. Head, Hands and Feet was a highlight to listen to each night, and these four played over on Fisherman’s Wharf while we ate fish n chips. Picturesque, I’m tellin’ ya. ^

^ These are photos from our walks to or from eating tons of food. We loved Il Terrazzo, Cafe Mexico, Tacofino and Barb’s Fish and Chips. YUM. (And McDonald’s for breakfast. Couldn’t leave that out.) ^

^ Kayaking on Canada Day! ^

Victoria has all the makings of turning into an annual trip. This little escape was the best time and I can’t wait to go back someday soon.



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