A place beyond the pines

I find myself daydreaming about travelling to new places quite a bit these days. I think life can become too routine and normalized, and with this the prospect of going somewhere new becomes even more appealing. However, a bit of a wake up call can really lift you into a perspective that’s more appreciative of what’s around you.

A couple weekends back I was lucky to go on a road trip to Banff. One of my best friends was back from school for a few days, and with him came tons of other people he goes to school with. There were so many people! We spent the day driving to and around Banff, and it was the perfect way to refresh my outlook on how I’m actually pretty fortunate to live where I do. Making memories with new and old friends is something that should never be taken for granted.

All your typical touristy, classic Banff-related activities were partaken in and even though we did things that I had done countless times before (what’s up Banff Springs), the simple act of being surrounded by such incredible parts of nature with great people added up to be something really memorable. I think being a tourist in your own home can really refresh your appreciation for the little things in life, and this day-long road trip is exactly what I needed to remind me of how awesome it is to live in this little section of Canada.


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