Christmastime in Disneyland

This is a recap of the Disneyland vacation my mama and I took in December 2013. Having just finished exams for the semester, I was anxious to get away. This trip was the definition of a guilty pleasure. Disneyland, at Christmastime … What more could I ask for? And it’s actually not too guilty a pleasure, hence the millions of publicized photos you’re about to see. We had the best time and it was so fun to act four years old with my mom in the warm California “winter”. Tough life, right?

We ate several of the millions of Christmas snacky treats Disney offered and even got VIP viewing for some of the shows. Hooray for WestJet and my mom working there. I just tag along.

I also managed to meet Kandee Johnson our first night there. She was probably the most genuinely beautiful person I’ve ever met and I’m so glad I chased her down through hundreds of slow-moving people to say hi.

California Adventure had been redone to feel all 1920s-LA-ish and I basically wish I could set up camp there. Also, Cars Land was new and had the most people ever and I loved it all. Shout out to the random little boy decked out in all things Mickey who we rode the car racing ride with. You were a hoot.

I’ve been to Disney a number of times, so this trip I really tried to notice the not-so-typical details of the parks.

Highlight of entire trip: On our last day we saw a line to meet Sulley. This line was long. When it was my turn to meet Sulley, he went all flirtatious on me. Sulley was in love and I was eating it up. This was pure Disney magic. He spent so long just gushing over me, I couldn’t believe he wasn’t getting fired for this. But the whole time I was a giggling mess and couldn’t help but think “sucks to be you” to everyone still in line. I would have been super perturbed if I were a lineup person.

That sunset. Those flowers. And more incidents when characters hung out with me for long times.

Another highlight of the trip was that, because my mom and I love art in every capacity, we spent hours and hours in the Animation Academy. This was awesome because we learnt how to draw tons of Disney characters and it was a really nice break from all the people and all the walking. Plus I felt really talented (always a perk).

The walk from our hotel to Downtown Disney that we took each day and night is one of my favourite things. So many palm trees, you forget what other trees even look like. Also at night, so many twinkle lights. The best.

I never really wanted to leave. Disneyland, you were Christmasy and magical and full of happy things. Thanks for helping me embrace the apparent child that is stuck inside my adult body. Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, hope to be back soon.



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